Kidney Cancer Journal Author Guidelines

Scope of Manuscripts

Kidney Cancer Journal considers the following types of manuscripts for publication:

  • Reviews that summarize and synthesize peer-reviewed literature to date on relevant topics in a scholarly fashion and format.
  • Original contributions based on original, basic, clinical, translational, epidemiological, or prevention studies relating to kidney cancer that are well documented, novel, and significant.
  • Letters to the Editor on timely and relevant subjects pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of renal cell carcinoma.
  • Clinical case studies.Manuscript


Authors are required to submit their manuscripts in an electronic format, preferably by email to the submission department Please provide as a Microsoft Word document. Images should be submitted electronically as well.

All material reproduced from previously published, copyrighted material should contain a full credit line acknowledging the original source. The author is responsible for obtaining this permission

Contact information

List all authors, including mailing address, titles and affiliations, phone, fax, and email. Please note corresponding author.

Peer Review and Editing

Manuscripts will be peer reviewed. Accepted manuscripts will be edited for clarity, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency with American Medical Association (AMA) style. Authors whose manuscripts are not initially accepted may have the opportunity to revise the manuscript based on recommendations from peer reviewers and at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.

Conflict of Interest

Kidney Cancer Journal policy requires that authors reveal to the Editor-in-Chief any relationships that they believe could be construed as resulting in an actual, potential, or apparent conflict of interest with regard to the manuscript submitted for review. Authors must disclose this information in the covering letter accompanying their submission.

Manuscript Preparation

Length: Full-length manuscripts should not exceed 4,000 words, including references. Please limit the reference list to 50 citations. Manuscripts should be accompanied by figures and/or tables. Generally 4-5 figures and 2-3 tables are preferred for each manuscript. Please include a brief description to accompany these items, as well as a legend for all abbreviations. Manuscripts should not contain an abstract but an introduction is recommended.

Spacing: One space after periods. Manuscripts should be double spaced.


All submissions should have references that are referred to in the text by superscripted numbers and that conform to AMA style.


Lewczuk J, Piszko P, Jagas J, et al. Prognostic factors in medically treated patients with chronic pulmonary embolism. Chest. 2001;119:818-823.

Author requirements

Upon submission of a manuscript, authors must indicate whether there are any related manuscripts under consideration or published elsewhere. If related work has been submitted or published elsewhere, authors must include a copy of it with their submission and describe its relation to the submitted work. Prior publication of research as a thesis, presentation at medical or scientific conferences, or posting on preprint servers will not preclude consideration of your manuscript. Image files should not be manipulated or adjusted in any way that could lead to misinterpretation of the information present in the original image.

Editor and reviewer requirements

Reviewers and editors should evaluate any related content and notify the journal of overlap. Editors and reviewers should alert the journal if they identify duplicate submissions or publications during the review process.


Manuscripts and accompanying material are accepted for exclusive publication in the Kidney Cancer Journal. None of the contents may be reproduced without permission of the Kidney Cancer Journal. To request permission, please contact Senthil Samy at Phone +1 (919) 694-3599.