Diversity Commitment

At KCJ, we believe equal, diverse and inclusive environments can improve research outcomes. We at KCJ committed to promoting practices that support diversity and foster inclusion in scientific communication and publishing and as well in the global research community. We envision the beauty in diversity and also appreciate various dimensions to diversity, including gender, race/ethnicity, geography and career levels in our society. We recognize the importance of the ability of women to contribute, receive recognition, and accrue the experience, visibility, and achievement. We value diversity in all its dimensions, recognizing the need to improve the inclusion in science of people across gender, ethnicity, geography, and other social categories.

At KCJ, we support equity, diversity and inclusion within our internal practices and in published content, embody these values in all our editorial activities and to support and promote these values in the research community.

Our current priorities in action on gender and diversity include:

  • We support gender diversity among commissioned authors
  • We promote gender diversity among peer reviewer population. When commissioning the content from external authors, recruiting peer reviews, we ensure that we intentionally and proactively reach out to women researchers.
  • We support gender diversity among Editorial Board Members and aim to be impartial in choosing Editorial Board Members. when suggesting peer review candidates, authors are also asked to make suggestions with diversity in mind
  • Kidney Cancer Journal adherers to diverse representation when illustrating images to ensure appropriately diverse representation in our pages and when writing about topics such as ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, disability and health.